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4 Stars - 4 Reviews
What a Mess
The Vorsino's
March 6, 2021
Google Review: Came home at midnight to an empty driveway. Apparently when my husband made the payment he assumed it had been put at the storage facility. (He's overseas btw) When they checked at the facility, & it wasn't there, they decided to wait a month & then just come move it from my home with no phone call, no knock on the door, & a nasty woman working the phones. I have full power of attorney to handle my husband's affairs, but she just kept repeating herself like they didn't do anything wrong. No one asked it to be moved. They couldn't locate the unit at their facility & figured the best course of action was to pop in & take it. Why didn't they come to the door? (All on camera) Oh, because" the door was wide open - no one came out". And instead of apologizing for the inconvenience or offering to bring it back, I get a nasty attitude. *Edited to add that I'm the one that ordered it the first place, using the credit card in my name. The man I originally dealt with was fine but this woman needs to find a new job, people skills suck & shes another unpleasant human. And the husband is super happy that he has to jackass up there because they put another lock on it. Nice way to come home from a tour. Well be getting a POD next time, & you can thank the incompetent woman who answeres the phone today. What a ....
Reply from Manager on March 8, 2021
SO UNTRUE! The husband called from overseas and asked for it to be picked up, we picked it up the next day. The driver did knock on the door if you would like to check your video.
November 2, 2020
Kim Fowles
February 29, 2020
I have used APES off-and-on for many years as I work on different parts of the house. The staff is always polite, helpful, and informative over the phone. Questions are answered quickly. The pods are always clean and the perfect size for my needs. I love the new delivery method, that thing turns on a dime and can put it exactly where needed in my driveway. Highly recommend!!
APES~Best portable storage company in Brevard County, FL
Denise Reyes
January 1, 2018
APES (All Portable Easy Storage) Straight forward, NO hidden costs, very reasonable and very easy! We have used them for three moves! Great people!
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